Google Code Search

A blessing in disguise. Those are the only words that come to my mind using the Google Code Search. While I was racking my head against the mile long Android source code to try out stuff, it was a nightmare connecting the dots. Functions are interleaved between applications having as small as 10 class files. By the time you find what you were looking for, you seem to forget why you started the search in the first place.

A word about how this is revolutionary. Since all of Android and the newly launched Chromium browser and Chromium OS are open source anything and anywhere in the source can be looked at. All you need is the package name and the function or class or file name. And viola you have all the related files, their locations and matching functions. This cut down my adding the jigsaw to a bare minimum of a couple of hours. The search algorithm is pretty decent as it can pull variables, characters and even keyword identifiers in a matter of seconds.

Try it out, have a look and be amazed. And oh yeah, if you have used Google Code to add your own repositories or host a project you can use the same code search. Simple and straight forward. That’s how I like it.


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