Space Leap .. the new Angry Birds??


Talking about myself it is very rare that I use my iPhone or the Android for anything constructive, other than tinkering with its internals or playing games.

I am not that kind of a person that has a idee fixe with facebook, my twitter fails to blow up to smithereens if I do not use it for a day or so and my app updates just sit there day in and day out without the slightest notice from my end. I might be the first IT person that probably does not look to squeeze technology into every aspect of life. Of course I love the fact that from the comfort of my home I can talk to hundreds of people, express my views which might not be possible some years ago.

Technology has given us a lot and what does get my attention are games, first person shooters, mind twisters, tetris, packman, mario bros u name it …  anything that is worth playing right from Atari to Sega to PS and Kinects.

Recently I came across ‘Space Leap’ a game developed in Pakistan by Pakistanis and its nothing less than your average Angry Birds series. My opinion is try it out. Currently only available on the iPhone, but soon coming to Android as far as I’ve heard. Check it out on I’ll probably write a full blown review on the game itself, once I get time off from this dreaded work schedule.



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